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About Deviant Oscar Reyes57/Male/Colombia Group :iconpalettezoroark: PaletteZoroark
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Shulk, in loving memory by springheel Shulk, in loving memory :iconspringheel:springheel 0 0 Gibraltar revamp WIP by springheel Gibraltar revamp WIP :iconspringheel:springheel 4 12 Rainbow Walker by springheel Rainbow Walker :iconspringheel:springheel 4 22 Jacobo, the black parrot - WIP by springheel Jacobo, the black parrot - WIP :iconspringheel:springheel 5 36 Shovel, the burrowing owl by springheel Shovel, the burrowing owl :iconspringheel:springheel 3 10
At the fourth ring of the telephone, Langsdorff began to awaken… three rings later, he’d gladly have twisted the neck of the idiot that decided people should communicate more easily, blinking  painfully by the strong light of his bedside lamp, stroked gently his wife’s cheek: “Lemme see, hunny… H’llo? Better this be good, you…” He hadn’t the chance of using ALL the vocabulary he had learned (and invented) along his career in the Visonian Navy.
“For starters, my Captain, being wrenched from a warm bed and a pleasant dream at two A.M. isn’t my cup of tea, either” that nasal twang and opener could only belong to…
“Lee? What’s going on, First Officer?” Ogreat, moaned Langsdorff for himself, official business? “I thought even wars began at a decent time of the day”
“COMSUBPACK issued the order to have the crews of Opononi, Barracud
:iconspringheel:springheel 3 27
Sharkella bajo ataque! by springheel Sharkella bajo ataque! :iconspringheel:springheel 3 14 Captain Za'aharr in combat by springheel Captain Za'aharr in combat :iconspringheel:springheel 5 14
“Hmmm…” mused Captain Langsdorff, leaning against the periscope “… I wish so much…”
Lt. Commander Lee Mink, his First Officer and one of his best friends, flipped a switch on his board to check position relative to the other units combing the stretch of sea where the assassin pirate submarine was hiding: “What’s up, Captain?”
“Just thinking a bit too loud, Lee;” Langsdorff felt old, tired. What has transpired in the last hours had drained him to the core “here we are, pledged to save and, instead, wishing to destroy…”
“The same thought, the same wishes in each and every mink aboard the Swordfish, I assure you!” growled the First Officer “Those… those… butchers don’t deserve mercy!”
The picture of all those little bundles side by side on the wharf still lingered between their eyes, an invitation to the nigh
:iconspringheel:springheel 2 20
Wolverine by springheel Wolverine :iconspringheel:springheel 5 38 Bat Girlie by springheel Bat Girlie :iconspringheel:springheel 7 20 Croc by springheel Croc :iconspringheel:springheel 8 26
Raffle Entry - Speed versus speed
Night was dying when Captain Za’aharr, the Cassowary rider, decided that he and his Stryx deserved a day of sleep; raising a little silver whistle to his beak, he thrilled softly a three-note signal.
Instantly, a huge silhouette detached itself from the star-studded cloak of darkness, landing before him with a noisy flap of enormous wings. Her hazel eyes gazed her rider with undying affection.  Za’aharr scratched her chin, patting her forehead “I guess it’s enough fun for a night, my dear Nankai: now let’s stretch our legs and walk back home”
It was always a welcome sight to see the village beginning its day-to-day routine; denizens and riders beginning their journeys; Stryx, Harpies, Gryphs, Falcons flapping and stretching, playing and quarreling, the sights, smells and sounds that proclaimed civilization far beyond the borders of his native country. Drowning a yawn, the huge black avian only ached for a cup of c
:iconspringheel:springheel 0 20
Bordeaux Beaver, radio Op Albatross by springheel Bordeaux Beaver, radio Op Albatross :iconspringheel:springheel 4 18 Puffin 2 by springheel Puffin 2 :iconspringheel:springheel 4 26 Exploring the sea of the unknown by springheel Exploring the sea of the unknown :iconspringheel:springheel 2 9


Tryx - the little Music Box dancer by Ferroth Tryx - the little Music Box dancer :iconferroth:Ferroth 10 24 Banjo Girl by Jurassiczalar Banjo Girl :iconjurassiczalar:Jurassiczalar 176 16 Runes by Tempson Runes :icontempson:Tempson 32 10 [Earth Magic]Bacon is Supreme by GhostQuail [Earth Magic]Bacon is Supreme :iconghostquail:GhostQuail 16 1 [Potion Game]Photo Finish by GhostQuail [Potion Game]Photo Finish :iconghostquail:GhostQuail 18 1 Lineless Pikachu by MykeGreywolf Lineless Pikachu :iconmykegreywolf:MykeGreywolf 174 38 Tryx at massage therapy - WIP by Ferroth Tryx at massage therapy - WIP :iconferroth:Ferroth 8 18 Tryx Portrait in color by Ferroth Tryx Portrait in color :iconferroth:Ferroth 18 30 [PMMRJ] Minerva by SteamingOwl [PMMRJ] Minerva :iconsteamingowl:SteamingOwl 20 7 Argentina Comic Con 2017 by chochi Argentina Comic Con 2017 :iconchochi:chochi 199 18 RiME by TsaoShin RiME :icontsaoshin:TsaoShin 2,409 191 [Potion Game]Don't Move by GhostQuail [Potion Game]Don't Move :iconghostquail:GhostQuail 16 3 Time for lepto yummies by Ferroth Time for lepto yummies :iconferroth:Ferroth 19 45 What would you like... by RandomComicSheet What would you like... :iconrandomcomicsheet:RandomComicSheet 78 22 [Potion Game]Well This is Fishy by GhostQuail [Potion Game]Well This is Fishy :iconghostquail:GhostQuail 14 7 Commission: Silit the Kobold Alchemist by Ryusuta Commission: Silit the Kobold Alchemist :iconryusuta:Ryusuta 44 10


Shulk, in loving memory
Shulk, Cossette's best friend, died recently, so he is paying a visit to her buddy's grave. Weather is as low as her mood. Her tears are turning into flowers that are carried by the breeze.

Rest in peace, sweet Shulk.
Gibraltar revamp WIP
I had neglected my monkey warrior a long time. Experimenting new techniques for coloring and shading (as well as the intricacies of the new drawing software CHAsys (free, BTW), I began to retouch this newer drawing of the most feared monkey fighter since the Monkey King (hehehe, I couldn't resist)

Gibraltar © Mine of me!
Rainbow Walker
Man, speaking of old, forgotten pics. I had already decided to check my HDD and discard old sketches and stuff... and guess who appears! I think I designed Rainbow Walker as a sort of fuzzy fairy that goes from place to place walking over rainbows... and, of course, ending in mess after mess... from which he emerges optimistic, sweet and full of love even for his worst foe. I guess at the time I had planned a story or a pic book... frankly, I forgot.
But, well, here he is going from corner of the Earth to corner of the Earth, whistling a song and always forward to his next adventure!

Rainbow Walker © Mine of me!
Jacobo, the black parrot - WIP
Jacobo, an adventurer/mercenary Black Parrot. WIP My first attemopt in Corel Painter12 (plust a try with Coreldraw x6. I am justexploring and having fun. I'll replace with the full pix when it's done. Yes, I know he has lots of correctyions to do bu... hehe... I REALLY enjoed experimenting.


springheel's Profile Picture
Oscar Reyes
Current Residence: Barranquilla, Colombia
Favourite genre of music: Classic, Jazz, New Age, Rock and Roll
Favourite photographer: Adam Woolfitt, Heather Angel; Ansel Adams
Favourite style of art: Lysozyme, Ribera, Enorapi, Kuro-RisuAmandadahamster, Huiro, Lhumina
Operating System: Windows Vista
MP3 player of choice: AIMP3
Shell of choice: Lapras, perhaps?
Wallpaper of choice: Anything with raccoons, foxes or ponies1
Favourite cartoon character: Mr. Kat, 5th gen. pokemon and Applejackd
Personal Quote: A 1000 mile trip begins with a single step
My friend for almost thirty years died today in my arms, when I was going to the vet. This is going to be REAL hard from now on He climbed to my bed every night, laid his head and front paws over my knee and slept there. I'll miss him so much... and must endure the grief alone.
  • Reading: Bad news
  • Watching: A useless job search: I am too old.
  • Eating: nothing, how could I?
  • Drinking: Nothing


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Ferroth Featured By Owner May 22, 2017  Professional Digital Artist
Hey buddy. How are you? Everything all right?
springheel Featured By Owner May 22, 2017
So, so. They opened my backpack in the bus but, fortunately, they didn't get anything. My aunt almost shot me this morning because I forgot to claim a medicine for my other aunt, The 'pack hasn't way of applying a padlock.
I'll have to buy a freehands bag. .. and buy the damn medicine on my own.
Oh yes, my denture popped in two this morning... Need to glue it.
On the bright side, aan old student of the university visited us today: she says that, if not for my mustache, she wouldn't have know me from the days she studied here!
Ah: I think I lost another two pounds. Pants like Venezuela's economy... down...
The university has get me an appointment with a doctor next Wednesday: my pressure and the sugar levels. I am doing my part, of course. Walking so much you'll have to send me shoes! XXXXDDD
I love to walk; rather than taking the bus tp the supermarket, I gladly do the 2 miles on foot. It's also a good moment to compose a new story or plan a new pic... r to sing for myself.
Ferroth Featured By Owner May 22, 2017  Professional Digital Artist
Oh wow! Well, despite all of it, Im happy to hear you're hanging in there and doing what you can to take care if yourseld and others. I thought I'd check on you. Felt a little worried randomly. ^^;
springheel Featured By Owner 6 days ago
Glad to have someone that truyly worries about me. At home, it seems I am useful just to pay bills and be the butt of insensitive people.
(1 Reply)
Kawayoporu-chan Featured By Owner May 4, 2017
Hi, springheel, I have not thinking about replying you back last month in the middle or late April as I last remember now I asked how is April Fool's until I found out you have the worst day on April Fool's as I saw you just now wrote a journal about it and I was like what, why did this happened in another special celebration day similar how both of your parents died in same Christmas months, oh my gosh, why there's such bad luck happened to you and I think that means you were haunted about that all these years after your parents past away, your just sad and both haunted about your loved one's past away on special Christmas months or April Fool's, so awkward?

I didn't even know he lived for more then 12 years, I thought they die at maybe age 15 as they are, already old, right?

Guess what, I was a bit into Star Wars so do you want to know how I was a bit into it?
springheel Featured By Owner Edited May 7, 2017
Yes... this has been the worst April of my life, losing who was my friend for 26 years, always beside me, waiting at the door to receive me, loving to be hugged, lying on my knees at night... I still have Koi and Bagheera, my other two cats... but iyt's not the same...

Star Wars... please tell ne... I watched the first film at least 10 times.
Kawayoporu-chan Featured By Owner May 19, 2017
I'm sorry what happened to your pet.

I didn't get a chance to reply you lately and I remember you now today, but I had an awful morning now a user blocked me today saying "*signs* know i'may done talking ... you shouldn't be tagging those artworks to me and be rude to those artists." I don't know what is she doing like this she said I was sweet yesterday for saying to the pictures I saw she taken down, because the user upset her and I don't know what does she mean be rude to those artists, I didn't do anything, I was trying to tell her those pictures she taken down shouldn't be for that person who made her angry or stressed, I tried telling her those pictures are no longer has any meaning for that person, but for herself she should keep them for Sparky fans and this recent new girl named Ai from a Chinese spin-off, I am not happy she called me rude!

Her name was spiritumiracle, but has autism like me and I don't know why is she being insensitive with me like this, I was talking to her about Lilo and Sttch stuff and The Lion King yesterday and she blocked me without enough kindness to me.

10 times all the three films?

I had the idea to say like Darth Vader said his real name has no longer any meaning in him and I had the idea to say that to her about the pictures supposed to be only for the Sparky fans and she thinks I was rude, I was trying to change her to get these pictures she colourfully done, cus I don't think she shouldn't delete those pictures like that, cus I saw them and I think it doesn't make any sense that it shouldn't be deleted for that person she done, it makes sense she should be doing that to fans not only the person, it's very awful it should be her own idea she drew them and post them and not that other person!
springheel Featured By Owner May 22, 2017
Thanks a lot, my friend. His death still hurts.

I really don't understand why some people really just block you, instead of simply replying you. Come on, is that SO hard!?

Oh, no! Just the original one (which now is number 4 in the saga); one of my favorite scenes is when the X-wing fighters open their wings and attack Death Star.

Oit seems she took your comments in a wrong way: that is rude and foolish.
(1 Reply)
FinalSmashPony Featured By Owner Apr 20, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Happy Birthday!
:cake: :hug:
springheel Featured By Owner Apr 21, 2017
Thanks, my friend!
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